Birds Clay Whistle  Miniatures native Thai birds, clay whistle is local art hand craft a by hill tribe people in northern of Thailand. Handmade from raw clay and  hand painted with water resistant color paint. Clay whistle were traditionally used in hill tribe culture for hunting. It use to be bird hunting equipment, to lure birds. So that the hunters could shoot them. From hill tribe culture, this product  is handmade from Hill tribe women, they  use raw clay to make the whistles and let the clay left to dry then fired in a kiln before hand paint. Put the tiny birds whistles on thread to make necklaces.   Raw clay is an natural clay, difference from polymer clay or clay air dry. Regularly, our products are made from air dries polymer clay, Only the bird clay whistle make from different clay material.  42 types of birds clay jewelry is waiting for your choose.   
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7050101 นกสาริกาสีเขียว(green magpic)

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