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Prissana Tangsin

"Prissana Tangsin"

"I believe that to create without passion is to create nothing at all. Passions grow from the different steps in one’s life."

For me, the world of authentic clay flowers and crafts was built from my long passion for botany." Throughout the years , I had worked as a pharmacist, I developed my knowledge and interest for plants, herbs, and various techniques involved in the process of clay crafting. I learnt to manipulate the finest instruments used in my field. Having more than 10 years of experience in crafting clay products, this has help me to contribute my care for details.

At the same time, I also used to like spending my spare time following lessons from a Japanese teacher I used to admire for his talent and who transmitted to me his whole passion for the art of handcrafting clay.

I found my way when deciding to go on studying Human-Centered Design as it has allowed me to develop my own floral product design. A degree which focuses on problem solving and creativity of designing products, information, system, environment and services that geared towards the various needs and constraints of human beings .

My interest for designing and handcrafting clay flowers comes from the admiration I feel for the historical architectural background of Thailand, my home country. I have always been impressed by the wonderful masterpieces of art that human’s mind and hands were able to create.

This admiration led me to express my own passion in the art of designing and handcrafting cold cast ceramic flower products. Here at Minihandmade, each of our products is designed meticulously and intricately sculpted with perfection to render natural elegance. All the works are authentic recreations. Me and my team ensure that our product lines are nontoxic, earth friendly and easily recyclable. These were the main initiatives that triggered us to start with our handcrafted product lines.

Our product lines are natural, pollution free and even blow dried to reduce dangerous earth destructive gases. We believe that through this we are performing our level best to save earth and even reduce the effects of global warming.

. I also continuously train people to develop their skills in floral designs,Product Design and Product Development“

I like the feeling that makes me feel like life was born from my hands"Minihandmade is a passion I want to share…” Thank you for taking the time to read about us and we look forward to being of service to you!

Prissana Tangsin

Product Designer